Arkansas Transfer and Articulation

ATAA is the ADHE’s Committee on Transfer and Articulation. Guided by Act 747, its primary responsibilities are to review and make recommendations on transfer issues, study and develop transfer guidelines for traditional and non-traditional credits, and review and recommend resolutions on cases of appeal from institutions or students.

Act 747 was state legislation passed by the Arkansas General Assembly in 2011. The goal of Act 747 was to create a transparent, easy-to-understand statewide transfer system that eliminates obstacles to the transfer of credit among Arkansas public higher education institutions. Furthermore, the legislation calls for a seamless transfer of academic credits from a completed designated transfer degree program to a baccalaureate degree program without the loss of earned credits and without the receiving institution requiring additional lower-level general education credits. Finally, it seeks to eliminate unnecessary, duplicative, and/or hard-to-determine degree requirements when a transfer student has completed all courses required for the state minimum general education core and a transfer degree approved by the AHECB.

Associate Degree Types Arkansas Course Transfer System MOU Template