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The Arkansas Division of Higher Education manages the state’s scholarship and financial aid programs; recommends higher education and institutional budgets to the legislature; assures academic program quality and viability; provides professional development for faculty and staff; provides educational support to business and industry; provides institutional accountability; and promotes the importance of postsecondary education in enhancing both personal and community quality of life. Our primary goal is to support the improvement of educational attainment in the state of Arkansas in an efficient and effective way.
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 Our Mission and Strategic Goals

The mission of the Arkansas Division of Higher Education is to advocate for higher education; to promote a coordinated system of higher education in the state; and to assist each of the publicly and locally supported institutions of higher education in the state in improving the delivery of higher education services to the citizens of Arkansas.

GOAL #1 Credentials
Increase the total number of individuals with targeted credentials by 81,360 by 2026
GOAL #2 Affordability
Improve the affordability of higher education for Arkansans
GOAL #3 Equity
Increase participation and attainment by underserved student groups by 5% annually
GOAL #4 Workforce Development
Increase regional credentials to match targeted workforce demand
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