Financial Aid

If you are planning to attend college, you should do a little research first. Find out how much it will cost to go to college, what part of that cost you and your family will be expected to pay, and what types of financial aid are available.

What is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is money awarded to a student to help pay educational costs. Most financial aid is awarded according to individual need and educational costs. The federal government, the state government, postsecondary institutions, and private organizations provide financial aid to eligible students in the form of grants, scholarships, loans, and employment.

Grants and scholarships are awarded based on either financial need or merit, and do not have to be paid back. Employment can be a job provided by the college and can be on or off campus. A loan is money provided by a bank, the college, or the government, which must be paid back with interest.

Private sources of financial aid come from social and civic organizations, religious organizations, and businesses.

For more information, visit the ADHE Scholarship website.