Private Career Education

Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education

The Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education was established to provide consumer protection for students that enroll in private post-secondary career schools. A.C.A.§ 6-51-601 gives the Board responsibility for oversight, specifically for training that:

  • Leads to or enhances occupational qualifications,
  • In airframe or power plant mechanics;
  • As preparation for passing exams which may lead to employment; or
  • In driver education, excluding those courses taught motor vehicle violators pursuant to court order.

Rules and Regulations

Consumer protection is provided for two groups of students, those from currently operating schools and those from closed schools. The provision for consumer protection for currently operating schools is accomplished by licensing and monitoring organizations offering training in the state or by those recruiting students to attend a school located in another state. The Board provides consumer protection for students from closed schools in areas such as maintenance of student records and contact numbers for information on federal financial aid received while attending school. Neither the Board nor the staff endorse, approve, or accredit any curriculum for any school.