Program Criteria for Approval

Supplemental Documentation Requirements

Your application will be reviewed for accuracy (all questions answered with approval signatures) to ensure that all required supplemental documentation is present including:

  1. If Applicable: documentation that the school or organization has been in operation for at least two years
    • Financial statements
    • Students’ records
  2. Copies of the most current accreditation or state license to operate, if applicable
  3. Two certified true and correct copies of the catalog
  4. A set of VA and state forms required for completion
  5. A request for examples of advertising
  6. General notices upon which the school or organization must agree
  7. Completion of inspection visit

To obtain an application, please contact our office:

Arkansas Approving Agency for Veterans Training

101 E. Capitol Ave., Suite 300

Little Rock, AR 72201

Telephone: (501) 324-9473


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