Meet the Board

The Board was established in 1989 with responsibilities and authority as set forth in Arkansas Code Annotated 6-51-601 et. seq. The Governor-appointed Board consists of seven members; four (4) members from the general public and three (3) members from the private career education industry, as well as ex officio members representing the Department of Higher Education and Career Education.


Board Members

Board Staff

Alana Boles, Program Director
Tracye McKeown, Program Specialist

Board Meetings & Deadline

7/26/2023SBPCE Meeting10:00 a.m. via Zoom (login information)Agenda 
4/26/2023SBPCE Meeting10:00 a.m. via Zoom (login information)AgendaMinutes 4/26/23
1/25/2023SBPCE Meeting10:00 a.m. via Zoom (login information)AgendaMinutes 1/25/23
12/14/2022SBPCE Meeting10:00 a.m. via Conference Call (call-in information)AgendaMinutes 12/14/22
07/15/2022SBPCE Meeting10:00 a.m. via Zoom (login information)Agenda Minutes 7/15/22
03/08/2022SBPCE Meeting2:00 p.m. via Zoom (login information)Agenda Minutes 3/8/22
11/01/2021SBPCE Meeting2:00 p.m. via Conference Call (call-in information)AgendaMinutes 11/1/21
4/29/2021SBPCE Meeting2:00 p.m. via Conference Call (call-in information)AgendaMinutes 4/29/21
03/24/2021SBPCE Meeting10:00 am via Conference Call (call-in information)AgendaMinutes 3/24/21
11/16/2020SBPCE MeetingConference Call (call-in information)AgendaMinutes 11/16/20
8/5/2020SBPCE MeetingConference CallAgendaMinutes 8/5/2020
4/1/2020SBPCE MeetingConference Call (call-in information)AgendaMinutes 4/1/2020
12/10/2019SBPCE MeetingConference Call (call-in information)AgendaMinutes 12/10/2019
04/30/2019SBPCE Meeting11:00 am at the Attorney Generals OfficeAgendaMinutes 4/30/2019
03/15/2019SBPCE MeetingConference Call (call-in information) Minutes 3/15/2019
02/08/2019SBPCE MeetingConference Call (call-in information) Minutes 2/8/2019
12/14/2018SBPCE MeetingConference Call Minutes 12/14/2018
11/14/2018SBPCE MeetingConference Call (call-in information) Minutes 11/14/2018
10/11/2018SBPCE Meeting11:00 am at the Attorney General's Office Minutes 10/11/2018


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