Academic Affairs

The responsibilities of the Academic Affairs Office include policy development and implementation related to the Coordinating Board's statutory responsibilities and major public policy initiatives, including review of new and existing academic programs for public colleges and universities; transfer and articulation, assessment of general education, and institutional and program certification. The division also maintains liaison relationships with chief academic officers, state, regional and national groups influencing higher education.

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Contact Alana (501-371-2060), for information on the following:

  • Authorization for Out-of-State and/or Private Institutions
  • Arkansas Course Transfer System 
  • State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement
  • Oversight and Licensing of Private Career Schools

Contact Tina Moore, (501-682-1602), for information on the following:

  • Math Pathways
  • K-12 Partnerships
  • Work-Based Learning
  • Non-Credit Workforce
  • Arkansas Data Science & Computing Ecosystem
  • STEM

Contact Kimberly (501-371-2039), for information on the following:

  • Concurrent Credit
  • Program Viability Report
  • Academic Program Reviews
  • Faculty Credential Report
  • Annual Report on Productivity of Recently Approved Programs
  • Special Projects: Prior Learning, AAT, Regional Workforce Grant

Contact Tracy Harrell, (501-371-2058), for information on the following:

  • New Program Proposals
  • Letters of Intent
  • Letters of Notification
  • Annual Report on Program Additions and Deletions
  • Approved Programs and Department Lists
  • Placement Plans
  • Special Projects: Math Pathways, Multiple Measure Assessment

Contact Tracye McKeown, (501-371-2021), for information on the following:

  • Private Career Schools
  • Academic Common Market
  • Closed Private Career School Transcripts

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