ADHE Webinars/Training

Archived Webinars & Videos

Letters of Notification

This video provides a brief overview of letters of notification (LONs) and its components using the LON form. LON submission deadlines will be discussed as well.

CIP 2020 Introduction

This video provides a breakdown of the classification of instruction programs or CIPs and details its uses for federal reporting purposes.

Higher Education & Triand

This video provides a brief overview of Triand and its potential uses for multiple measures placement.

Implementing Evidence-Based Teaching Practices in the College Classroom

Dr. Penny MacCormack, Chief Academic Officer of the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE), provides an overview of how ACUE supports evidence-based teaching practices within postsecondary environments. 

Workforce Analysis & Degree Planning

Dr. Nathan Smith, Director of Economic Policy, with the Arkansas Development Finance Authority, explains how to utilize workforce/labor analysis data in academic program planning.  He explains the types of proprietary data sources available for Arkansas institutions and demonstrates​ how to utilize these sources to conduct a workforce analysis for a degree and certificate programs.

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment-Student Learning Assessment 101

Dr. Gianina Baker, from the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA), provides an introduction to resources, provided by NILOA. The webinar is designed for those who are new to student learning outcomes assessment at the program level, with practical advice on keeping the process simple, manageable and lists resources. The resources and insights have been compiled from NILOA publications and resources. ​

Engaging & Retaining First Generation Students in Arkansas

Dr. Brett Bruner, Dean of Student Engagement at  Arkansas Tech University, provides an overview of resources and best practices that can be utilized by institutions to engage and retain first-generation college students a key demographic in Arkansas.

Understanding SARA: State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements

Ms. Wanda Barker, Director, Education Technology and Multi-state Cooperative Programs with the Southern Region Education Board provides an overview on state authorization reciprocity agreements (SARA) and discuss how those agreements impact distance learning programs in Arkansas.

Resources for Arkansas College Students & Mental Health

Ms. Bridget Atkins & Ms. Jennifer Shuler, Arkansas Department of Human Services, discuss the impact of opioids, suicide, and psychosis on Arkansas college campuses. They also provide faculty and staff with best practices and resources from the Arkansas​ Department of Health to assist students who are impacted by these conditions.

Introduction to Arkansas Community Colleges - Student Success Center

Mr. Mike Leach provides an overview of the Arkansas Community Colleges (ACC) Student Success Center and discusses the impact of current student support initiatives implemented across the state.