Program Review

Arkansas Code §6-61-214 requires that the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board (AHECB) review existing academic programs. 

All certificate and degree programs offered by public colleges and universities in Arkansas will be reviewed every 7 – 10 years. Institutional program review schedules are on file at ADHE, and any schedule change must be submitted to ADHE.

Accredited/licensed/state certified programs will follow the usual review practices and schedule of the accrediting/approval body.

  • The site team’s written evaluation and/or approval documentation and institutional response to comments/concerns addressed by the accrediting/licensing/approval body should be sent electronically to ADHE within six weeks of receipt of the written evaluation. 

Academic programs which are not program-specific accredited/licensed/state certified will be reviewed by external reviewers/consultants. The institution will complete a comprehensive self-study that is reviewed by the program consultants.  Components of the self-study will include, but not be limited to, information related to:

  • program need/demand,
  • curriculum,
  • faculty,
  • resources,
  • course delivery methods,
  • student outcomes, and
  • recent/planned program improvements

Institutions will select a minimum of two out-of-state reviewers affiliated with programs that are similar in mission and scope to the program under review. At least one consultant is required to conduct a site visit and meet with program faculty, students, and administrators.The consultants’ written evaluation and institutional response will be sent electronically to ADHE within six weeks of receipt of the written evaluation.

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