Ad Hoc Requests

The Division of Institutional Finance often receives ad hoc legislative requests, as well as other special requests from institutions, the Governor's Office, and other entities. Here you will find links to current and past requests for the Institutional Finance Division. Surveys are generally created to help us respond to these legislative and other requests for information. Institutions will be notified when there is a new survey. If you have questions, you can contact Sarah Cox at  

Current Requests

Full-Time Employee Survey - Due March 10, 2017
Annual Salary Expenditures

Past Requests

Scholarship Data Request - Ended January 15, 2016
Faculty and Security Survey - Ended October 16, 2015
Full-Time Employee Survey - Ended September 11, 2015
Out-of-State Enrollment Survey - Ended January 16, 2015
Veteran's Tuition Survey - Ended December 3, 2014
Out-of-State Tuition Waiver Survey - Ended December 4, 2014
Out-of-State Tuition Revenue - Ended December 15, 2014