The Residential Advisor is responsible for managing student behavior, in compliance with the institution’s disciplinary code, providing supervision, care, and guidance to residents of state residential institutions. This position is governed by state and federal laws and institution policy.


Manages student behavior in compliance with the school/institution’s disciplinary code and with the school/institution’s policies and procedures, state regulations, and law.

Instructs and assists residents in learning personal care skills, housekeeping procedures, activities, and rules of the center.

Supervises and assists residents with assigned housekeeping duties, monitors activities and behavior, to ensure safety, security, and cooperation of residents, and provides counseling for personal problems.

Records behavioral and/or accident reports and notes behavioral and medical problems and rules violations of residents.

Cleans and inspects dorm building for security and safety of residents and orders supplies as needed.

Assists with bus duties, homework assignments, and school projects as needed.

Communicates with supervisor and residents’ parents, or guardians, to inform of behavioral problems, answer questions, and exchange information.

Writes individualized plans for residents, stating goals and objectives, charts monthly progress, and administers a point system to reward behavior.

Escorts residents on recreational activity trips and to campus facilities and performs body and room searches of residents for illegal and dangerous objects.

Assists in selecting solutions to issues and problems that surface daily, such as personal relationships, group interactions, activity selections, and time management.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Knowledge of institution residential services, rules, and regulations. Ability to oversee and direct residents of state institutions. Ability to interpret residents

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