Arkansas Math Pathways for Success (AMPS)

Arkansas Math Pathways seeks to ensure equitable access and opportunity for student success in relevant and appropriately aligned mathematics pathways. The leadership groups listed below provide guidance and support to move broad state-wide goals to institutional implementation. 

  • Arkansas Math Pathways Taskforce (AMPT)
  • Arkansas Division of Higher Education (ADHE)
  • Arkansas Community Colleges (ACC)
  • Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas Austin
  • Strong Start to Finish (SStF)

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    Additional Resources

    Arkansas Division of Higher Education
    • Current Mathematics Transfer Guide [Webpage]
    Arkansas Department of Education
    • High School to College Math Pathways in Arkansas (9-16) Slides (2022) [Slideshow]
    Arkansas Math Pathways Taskforce
    • Arkansas Math Pathways Taskforce [Webpage]
    Center for the Analysis of Postsecondary Readiness (CAPR)
    • Expanding the Adoption of Multiple Measures Assessment and Building the Research Base [Webpage]
    Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (The University of Texas at Austin)
    • Demystifying the Myths about Quantitative Literacy: Facts That Dispel Commonly Held Beliefs (2022) [Webpage]
    • Climbing the Summit: Progress & Challenges in Scaling Strong Start to Finish Arkansas (2021) [Webpage]
    • Arkansas Colleges and Universities Working Together on Statewide Student Success Goals (2021) [Blog]
    • Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson on Strong Start to Finish (2019) [Video]
    • Arkansas Recommendations for Mathematics Course Quantitative Literacy/Mathematical Reasoning (MATH 1113) (2018) [Webpage]
    • A Statewide Effort in Arkansas to Align Mathematics Pathways to Non-STEM Programs of Study (2018) [Webpage]
    • Forging Relevant Mathematics Pathways in Arkansas (2018) [Webpage]
    Strong Start to Finish (SSTF)
    • Implementation Pathways for Developmental Education Reform (Arkansas as a scaling site) (2022) [Webpage]

    Past Workshops/Materials (Available until December 2023)