Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board

DateTitleSupported Documents
07/26/24July 26 Regular AHECB Meeting at University of Central Arkansas SynopsisAgenda  
05/29/24May 29 Special AHECB Meeting via Zoom  Agenda 
04/26/24April 26 Regular AHECB Meeting at North Arkansas CollegeProposalSynopsisAgenda 
01/26/24January 26 Regular AHECB Meeting at National Park CollegeProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
10/27/23October 27 Regular Meeting at the University of Arkansas for Medical SciencesProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
07/28/23July 28 Regular Meeting at Northwest Arkansas Community CollegeProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
06/29/23June 29 Special AHECB Meeting via Zoom  AgendaMinutes
04/28/23April 28 Regular Meeting at Henderson State UniversityProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
04/27/23April 27 Special Meeting at Henderson State University  AgendaMinutes
04/04/23April 4 Special AHECB Meeting via Zoom  AgendaMinutes
02/16/23February 16 Special AHECB Meeting via Zoom  AgendaMinutes
01/27/23January 27 AHECB Meeting at UA Pulaski Technical CollegeProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
12/06/22December 6 Special AHECB Meeting via Zoom  AgendaMinutes
10/28/22October 28 AHECB Meeting at UACCMProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
10/07/22October 7 AHECB Special Meeting via Zoom  AgendaMinutes
07/29/22July 29 AHECB Meeting at the Saline County Career and Technical Campus ProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
04/29/22April 29 AHECB Meeting via ZoomProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes


January 28 AHECB Meeting, via ZoomProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
10/29/21October 29 AHECB Meeting, via ZoomProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
08/26/21Special AHECB Meeting, August 26, 2021  AgendaMinutes
07/30/21July 30 AHECB Meeting, via ZoomProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
04/23/21AHECB Meeting via ZoomProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
01/29/21AHECB Meeting Via ZoomProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
10/30/20AHECB Meeting via ZoomProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
09/11/20AHECB Special Meeting via Zoom  AgendaMinutes
07/31/20AHECB Meeting via ZoomProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes
04/24/20AHECB Meeting at ADHE via ZoomProposalSynopsisAgendaMinutes