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Fall 2022 Concurrent Faculty Audit Due

When: October 14, 2022 12:00 PM


The Arkansas Department of Higher Education has an ongoing verification process for concurrent programs with MOUs on file. Each year we work with Chief Academic Officers (CAOs) to verify course ownership and faculty teaching credentials under the Concurrent Enrollment policy. The purpose of the form is assist the CAOs in this process to ensure that all concurrent courses offered meet the same standards as college courses taught on any college or university campus.

In the following section, we are asking that the CAOs provide specific information relating to course ownership and faculty teaching credentials in the following subject areas: (a) English Composition I, (b) College Algebra and (c) US History. Please provide us with one concurrent course that meets each subject area. If Advanced Placement concurrent courses are offered at your institution, please also provide information on one AP course in addition to the other three aforementioned courses.

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ADHE Concurrent Verification Form


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