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Sexual Assault Prevention Reports Due (Act 563)

When: August 15, 2024 12:00 PM

The Division of Higher Education of the Department of Education collects the annual campus status reports each year, as required by Act 563 of 2017. The Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board submits annual reports on implementation by November 1 to the Arkansas General Assembly via the House and Senate Education Committees and the House and Senate Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committees.

The legislative requirements for the action plan direct Arkansas public colleges and universities:  
  1. To incorporate sexual assault prevention into advising and student orientation. 
  2. To integrate information into academic courses as appropriate; 
  3. To identify opportunities to raise awareness and provide resources for sexual assault prevention across the entire student population; 
  4. To identify available grants and partnerships to assist with the work; 
  5. To collaborate with sources for access to care; and 
  6. To identify other topics or issues relating to the prevention and reduction of sexual assault.

Submit plans by August 15, 2024, to Tracye McKeown,

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