Current Policies - Two-Year Colleges

These guidelines pertain to any program developed jointly or listed in any publication as a joint, cooperative, or articulated program between a technical college, community college, college or university under the authority of the State Board of Higher Education (SBHE) and a postsecondary institution under the authority of the State Board for Vocational Education. 
Since the State Board of Higher Education is now the governing board for 14 technical colleges established by Act 1244 of 1991 and related legislation, AHEIS reporting policies must also be extended to all financial and student reports by the new technical colleges.
An application must be presented which proposes development of a feasible community college, which will meet all of the minimum criteria established by the Board of Higher Education under applicable laws. 
The curriculum and services of the community college must be designed to serve the postsecondary educational needs of its district and the State of Arkansas.
The technical college system accepts the responsibility to produce technicians who are competent to meet the assessed needs of business and industry and at the same time to assist individuals in achieving educational and occupational objectives consistent with their potential.
Service area for each two-year institution. 

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