Coordinating Board Policy

The Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board Policy Manual contains the by-laws, policies, and regulations approved by the Higher Education Coordinating Board. The policy manual will be updated as needed following the regular quarterly meetings of the Board.

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Higher Education Policies


1.1 Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board By-Laws (Adopted July 25, 1997)
1.2 Alternate Retirement Plan Policy for Department Employees


2.1 Tuition Adjustment Policy
2.2 Tax Credits for Contributions to Support Research Programs
2.3 Uniform Reporting of Athletic Revenues and Expenditures
2.4 Uniform Reporting Instructions and Forms
2.5 Auxiliary Enterprises Expenditure and Revenue Reporting
2.7 Revision of Regulations Regarding Economic Feasibility of Bond Issues
2.8 Work Force 2000: Capital Funding Operating Distributions Capital Funds (Matching Policy) Operating Distributions Policy MOU for Accreditation Assistance Construction Fund Distributions
2.9 College Savings Bond Program: Plan of Implementation College Savings Bond Loan Fund
2.10 Off Campus Instruction


3.1 Guidelines for College Algebra Course Content and Mathematics Courses as Sophisticated as College Algebra
3.2 Institutional and Program Certification Rules
3.3 Guidelines on Academic Clemency
3.4 Annual Reports on Students in Intercollegiate Athletics
3.5 Institutional Plans for Annual Review of Faculty Performance
3.6 State Minimum Core of General Education Courses
3.7 Guidelines for the Arkansas Assessment of General Education
3.8 Freshman Assessment and Placement Program
3.9 Minimum Core of High School Courses Recommended for Preparation for Higher Education
3.10 Policies for Assuring Quality and Preventing Unnecessary Duplication in Off-Campus Credit Instruction
3.11 Criteria and Procedures for Preparing Proposals for New Programs in Arkansas
3.12 Goals and Process for the Review of Existing Programs 5.13.1 Criteria for Establishment of Branch Campuses
3.14 Conditional Admission for High School Graduates
3.15 Guidelines for the Preparation of Institutional Plans for the Reduction of Remediation Expenditures
3.16 Concurrent Enrollment Policy
3.17 Off-Campus Instruction Policy
3.18 Guidelines and Criteria for Alternative Assessment Plans
3.19 Moratorium on New Campuses
3.20 Role and Scope Designations
3.21 Guidelines for Notification of Sex Offenders
3.22 Transfer System Policy


4.1 Cooperative Associate Degree Program Guidelines
4.2 Higher Education Reporting Policies for Arkansas Technical Colleges
4.4 Criteria for the Establishment of a Community College District
4.5 Criteria for Comprehensiveness for Community College
4.6 College and Program Admission and Student Ability to Benefit for Arkansas Technical Colleges
4.7 Two-Year College Service Areas


5.1 Arkansas Academic Challenge
5.4 Governor’s Scholars
5.5 Law Enforcement Officer’s Dependents Scholarship
5.6 Military Dependents Scholarship
5.8 Repealed Student Assistance Grant
5.9 Second Effort Scholarship
5.10 Teacher Opportunity Program
5.11 Minority Teacher Scholars Program
5.13 SREB Doctoral Scholars Program
5.14 Minority Masters Fellows Program
5.15 Residency Classification for Tuition Purposes by Public Colleges and Universities
5.16 Arkansas Health Education Grant Program
5.17 Scholarship Stacking Policy
5.18 Workforce Improvement Grant Program
5.19 State Teacher Assistance Resource (STAR) Program
5.20 Arkansas Geographical Critical Needs
5.21 Higher Education Opportunities Grant
5.22 Washington Center
5.23 State Teacher Education Program