Master Plan

Align Arkansas 2026: A targeted approach to 2030 goals

Executive Summary

Align Arkansas 2026: Building on the successes and lessons of the Closing the Gap 2020 master plan, the Arkansas Division of Higher Education engaged think tanks from a cross-section of experts from within and beyond academia.  The collaborative result is a highly targeted, tangible, and data informed plan to move our state to the next phase of post-secondary strategy.   By 2030, we aspire to increase the percentage of adult Arkansans with college credentials to 55%.  We will take concrete steps to reach measurable outcomes in our new master plan. 

Attainment Goal

55% of adult Arkansans will possess a college credential by 2030*
*As determined by the 2030 census plus state estimates for certificates

Strategic Goals

GOAL #1: Credentials
Increase the total number of individuals with targeted credentials by 81,360 by 2026
GOAL #2: Affordability
Improve the affordability of higher education for Arkansans
GOAL #3: Equity
Increase participation and attainment by underserved student groups by 5% annually
GOAL #4: Workforce Development
Increase regional credentials to match targeted workforce demand