Data Baselines

Baseline data is based on Academic Year 2020 (July 1st, 2019 - June 30th, 2020).

Total Credentials Awarded: 48,142

Credentials by Targeted CIP

AY2020 Credentials Awarded in Targeted CIPs (Blank cells indicate CIP not targeted at that credential level)
CIPDescriptionBelow AssociateAssociateBachelorMasterDoctoral
03.05Forestry 14   
09.09Public relations, advertising, and applied communication  103  
10.03Graphic communications3    
11.01Computer and information sciences  276  
11.02, 11.08Computer programming, software, and media applications 49   
11.07Computer science  130  
11.09Computer systems networking and telecommunications 27   
12.03Funeral service and mortuary science 23   
13.04Educational administration and supervision  1  
13.10Special education and teaching  59  
13.12Teacher education and professional development 316   
13.12, 13.13Teacher education and professional development  1,097  
13.13Teacher education and professional development   2821
14.09Computer engineering  32  
14.35Industrial engineering  68  
15.10Construction engineering technologies  25  
15.13Drafting/design engineering technologies 28   
16.01Linguistic, comparative, related lang. studies and services    5
22.01Law    218
22.03Legal support service 21   
23.01English language and literature    8
41.03Physical science technologies 8   
42.01Psychology    11
43.02Fire protection85    
44.04Public administration  16  
44.07Social work  253167 
47.06Vehicle maintenance and repair831    
48.05Precision metal working1,393    
50.04Design and applied arts  185  
51.02Communication disorders sciences and services   137 
51.06Dental support services and allied professions520   
51.07Health and medical administrative services622 25  
51.08Allied health and medical assisting services 178   
51.09Allied health diagnostic, intervention, and treatment prof.579279   
51.10Clinical/medical lab science/research and allied prof. 3256  
51.15Mental and social health services and allied professions  65  
51.20Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and administration    165
51.22Public health  135 10
51.23Rehabilitation and therapeutic professions    172
51.38Reg nursing, nursing admin, research, and clinical nursing  1,336  
51.39Nursing and nursing assistance1,828  32 
52.02, 52.01Business commerce, admin, management, and operations  1,437287 
52.03Accounting and related services  477  
52.08Finance and financial management services  524  
52.10Human resources management and services  26  
52.11International business  85  
52.12Management information systems and services  46  
52.13Management science and quantitative methods  130  
52.14Marketing  498  
52.20Construction management  18  

FAFSA Completion:

As of April 2nd, 2021, for the Class of 2021
Completion Rate: 40.43%Applications Submitted: 14,157Applications Completed: 13,312

Underserved Minority Participants:

Students Identifying as an Underserved Minority (Academic Year 2020, Term 1)
Black or African American26,324
Both Hispanic & Black or African American297

Low Income Participants:

Students Receiving Greater than $0 in Pell Grant by Institution Type (Academic Year 2020)
Public, 4-Year Universities30,696                                               
Public, 2-Year Colleges23,711
Private, Nursing, & Vocational Colleges1,644

Adult Participants:

Undergraduate Students Ages 25-54 (Academic Year 2020, Term 1)
Undergraduate Class24,301                     

First Generation ParticipantsBaseline data to be pulled at the completion of AY2023 Fall Term Reporting 

Rural Participants:

Rural Participants (Academic Year 2020, Term 1)
Traditional Students (up to age 24)1,088
Non-Traditional Students (Age 25+)28                                              

Re-Entry Participants: Baseline data to be pulled at the completion of AY2022 through a datamatch with Arkansas Ready for Life

Former Foster Youth Participants: Baseline data to be pulled at the completion of AY2022 through a datamatch with Arkansas Ready for Life